Public Speaking in HOAs

Public Speaking in HOAs

Public Speaking in HOAs

If you are faced with a public speaking engagement, like an HOA meeting, that you feel less than confident about, one of the best favors you can do for yourself is to prepare! When you come into a meeting prepared and informed to cover the meeting agenda and the topics you’ll be discussing, you’ll be inherently more confident.

Most community managers will be presented with public speaking opportunities at one point or another, especially considering that an important aspect of the job often includes leading HOA meetings at the request of the Board of Directors. When you lead an HOA meeting where the floor will be open for questions from the membership, you’ll never know with 100% clarity what you’re going to be asked. You can, however, make an effort to know what your audience is expecting of you and what will be covered, so that you have an idea of what’s to come. And don’t be afraid to defer to your Board of Directors if you are unclear; after all, you are working on their behalf.

When you know that you are informed about what you’re discussing, you can speak with confidence. All that’s left to do is to run an efficient meeting that will leave your members looking forward to the next!



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