Community Association Fast Facts

Community Association Fast Facts

CAI Fast Facts

I wear many hats during the typical work day, but I am first and foremost a Licensed Community Association Manager. I started in this industry many years ago as an LCAM and I remain active in the day-to-day duties of the field. At The Melrose Corporation, homeowner satisfaction is our primary goal and what my team strives toward every day. When CAI’s 2016 Homeowner Satisfaction Report was released, we were pleased to see that the results were favorable toward community associations as a whole!

Florida, where our team is based out of, boasts the most community associations of anywhere in the entire country. With over 47,000 communities housing nearly 10 million residents, it is clearly of the utmost importance to please the residents in the communities we manage. I speak for everyone on my team when I say that CAI’s findings that homeowners feel their community managers provide valuable support to residents and their associations certainly makes us all proud to do what we do every day.

Above, we have synthesized the most pertinent information from the report into a handy “Community Association Fast Facts” visual. I hope that my fellow community managers will appreciate and share the information with their communities!


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