Accuracy Over Expediency

Accuracy Over Expediency


The Importance of Accuracy Over Expediency

As a leader, you may feel the pressure to quickly provide an answer to every question, every time. But, in fact, effective leaders know that they don’t have to have all the answers; what they have to be able to do is leverage their resources to find the answers.

Consider this real-world example: you’re a Licensed Community Association Manager who has been thrown a curveball question from a homeowner at a meeting you are leading. You aren’t positive of the answer, but you know that your Board President will be helpful. You let the homeowner know that you will get back with them with an answer within 24 hours. In this case, it’s more important to answer accurately than it is to answer quickly.

If you feel the need to do research, confirm with a professional, consult a handbook, or otherwise verify an answer before offering your opinion, it doesn’t diminish your credibility to do so. We’ve all heard the saying “know what you don’t know.” In order to grow, whether personally or in business, you have to be able to recognize and admit what you don’t know so that your depth of knowledge can improve.

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