The New Melrose Website Has Launched!

A New Home For The Melrose Corporation

It’s a very exciting time at The Melrose Corporation! We are so pleased to announce that the brand new, redesigned website for The Melrose Corporation is live. We have been working on this new website behind the scenes for two years, and it’s a project that has warranted considerable investment for many of our team members here at Melrose. To see it up and running and to receive feedback from our homeowners and vendors has been incredible; we are so happy to finally be able to share it with our network!

We set out to create this new website, first and foremost, to better serve our homeowners and developer clients. My goal was to create an environment that was not only beautiful and clean, but functional. To that end, we created a Homeowner Portal where residents can do more than just conveniently pay their dues — we have created dedicated websites for each of our individual communities as well, where residents, developers, leasing agents, realtors, and more can access much of the important information that they request on a daily basis. Residents also have access to direct lines of communication with their Association managers and the Melrose accounting department. This initiative is one of the most important features on the new site. It truly helps to catapult us to a new era of service and interaction with our clients.

The benefits of the new Melrose website don’t end with the Homeowner Portal; this new site is a home for all of our subsidiaries. From Gribble Interior Group to Melrose & Partners, the new site links the Melrose family under one domain and provides our clients with quick access to everything that we have to offer.

I invite you to visit to experience the wealth of information available on our new Melrose website, and am eager to hear what you think.


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