A Melrose Milestone

Michelle 20 Years

Celebrating 20 Years

It’s not often in this life that we have the luxury of enjoying a friendship for 20 years, and it’s even less often that we are able to say the same for the loyalty of a team member. Today marks the 20th Anniversary for The Melrose Management Partnership’s Michelle Bibeau, Regional Manager and LCAM extraordinaire, who is Melrose’s longest-running employee.

Michelle is a tremendous asset to us, and she is loved and respected by everyone at Melrose. I don’t take for granted the relationships that I’ve built in and out of work with my team members, and today I thank Michelle for all that she does, and continues to do, for the Melrose team, our Board members, our developers, and everyone in the communities she works with on a daily basis. By the way… I taught her all she knows (well, most of it).



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